Friday, August 14, 2015


hfz initially got me backstreet boys tixs for my birthday but i decided to gave them up for kodaline instead and.... it was the best decision i've made because the whole kodaline experience was beyond amazing. it was a night of pure bliss.

despite arriving late, we were able to enter the playscape w/o queuing for eternity (woo me! always got lucky when attending concerts) the only lowlight was the venue and the heat. i was sweating from head to toe but it was all worth it since the lads put up such a beautiful show. steve's voice was a gem even hfz agrees! so glad hfz came along with me despite him knowing only all i want; the song which i always "serenade" (includes dramatic face touching and stuffs) for him. the highlight of the concert was the one . god.... them FEELS WERE REAL when the crowds took out their phone and hfz hugged me and we swayed together. I ALMOST CRIED. my heart fluttered when the crowd shouted encore and we sang all i want.


haha such chessy and lame photo but hey.... first concert together okay
really enjoyed myself singing to the songs and grooving along to the music. just the kind of escapism i needed from the overwhelming stress at work. we were all in a perfect world last night

okay brb...... /curling myself up in bed, binge listening to kodaline/