Tuesday, November 10, 2015

our times

since tfios, i haven't had a good cry in the movie theater.. until yesterday. i caught "our times" trailer by accident in a cinema and knew i had to catch it because anything high-school, love, taiwan related shit, i'm down! didn't have to do much persuading to get hfz to watch with it me since the internet was raving about how good the show was. 

i knew the show has some sad scenes but what i didn't know was that i couldn't control my emotions and found myself tearing crying non-stop towards the ending for fifteen minutes. good job, (insert the name of producer/director)! "our times" just became one of my favorite movie in 2015.

hfz was a sweet boyfriend trying to comfort me by offering hugs and telling me "its okay babe they got together in the end" and "see! you got to be together with your first love and you still don't treasure me!" :/ OK! watching movies like these serve a reminder for me to treasure whatever i have. it actually makes me appreciate having hfz more now. 

i am currently obsessed with the theme song (ie: replayed it for at least 10 times today) i even googled the hanyu-pinyin and its english translation.

movie ratings: you know the movie is good when i took the time to blog about it after disappearing for 3 months. so hey future maya and hfz, this is one movie worth re-watching together when you feel like killing each other.