Friday, January 1, 2016

i seoul you

you have no idea how i have been waiting patiently for the long-awaited trip in december. booked flight and accommodation as early as in may and having to wait for as long as 6 months was a damn torture. every other day at work i have my lovely colleagues counting down the days to my break since work has been pretty crazy lately the past few months but i will leave that for another blog post.

so, the day kick started w/ hfz fetching me in the morning, heading to his home before going to the airport. anyone likes the feeling when you are on your way to the airport?! because i do love that feeling! such an awesome feeling. upon arrival, we did the necessities; checking in luggage and... OOTD shots!

yay we going on a trip!

6-hours flight with transit in between was dreadful as heck. and it doesn't help that we were starving. the only meal we had before the flight was a shared mcd's breakfast. had to give up our 5$ (each) for a cup noodle on our 2nd flight. prolly the most exp. cup noodles we ever had and will ever have.

we landed in korea nearing to midnight and had missed the last train to our airbnb home. waited in the cold for a cab, wearing just long sleeve crop top, jeans and coat so i was literally shi..vv..ering. my bad for thinking that we would be taking a cab straight down to our home once we landed at the airport, hence the outfit. pff, assumptions. took a cab and bloody ahjusshi tried to scam us but to no avail. thank god for the decision to rent airbnb apartment because it was comfy and i managed to catch decent sleeps throughout 8 days there. (fun fact: i can never sleep well in hotel beds for some reason.)


kick started the morning with some strawberry milk and chicken bulgolgi burger which were yummy. we went to all the tourist attractions on the second day in seoul, namely: national folk museum of korea, hanok village, some museum place and seoul tower.

places there brought back so much memories when i was travelling with my poly friends many years back. but i'm glad this time round i managed to witness the attractions of seoul with hfz. i can finally check off the "love locks at namsan tower" on my to-do list. even record a video of us locking the locks and looking silly.22.12plucked strawberries at the farm in the morning and them strawberries were so dood! does everything tastes extra good in korea or what?! 
hfz managed to squeeze in some yoloswag photos in between. so qt!
next up on the itinerary was to nami island. it was a 10 min ferry ride from the terminal. i have never caught winter sonata in my life so i am not able to appreciate nami island that much but the place was indeed beautiful. it was quite a pity that we get to spend very little time at nami island.

and... right after, hfz drops on his knee and proposes. will blog about the proposal at another blog entry.
after crying buckets, it was time to train my leg muscles! read: riding the rail bike.23.12 we spent almost the whole day jet-skiing and snow boarding. jet ski made me feels like a handicap person. it was so freaking hard to ski with my heavy boots on i have no idea how other can people do it so easily. it must have been my boots! they were too heavy /excuses/. the ski place were so white and pretty which means every corner of it is instagram worthy! i am trying to master the art of having only white background on my ig feed but it is so damn hard having to delimit all the other nice pictures :/  

24.12 it was a shopping day but here are some of the highlights on our 5th day at seoul.
some seafood restaurant we ate for lunch and "masterpiece" above was proudly written by me. which i thought i could do way better than that. oh wells.hehe some river pond which were photoshoot worthy! 
25.12christmas in everland sounds so faiytale-ish which really is! the place was so nice, nicer than lotte world. took only 3 rides since i am not a fan of adrenaline rush and spend the rest of the time there waiting :/ but i'm so proud of hfz for taking the t-express. was waiting for a solid 2 hours for this fool and was so worried when i could not get hold of him :'( the moment after the ride when he saw me he begged me for forgiveness because the ride felt like an almost death experience.told him the next time he pisses me off, i'm throwing him on the ride!
26.12 hanuel park is another photoshoot/instagram worthy place. we took gazillion photos there. we then headed to the nearby olympic park which was pretty meh since i'm no football fan but it would be a place both myself and hfz will never forget /giggles/27.12 our last day in seoul was another round of last minute shopping. we caught the night flight back to singapore and boy did i have a good sleep. spending 8 days straight with hfz was amazing. i had withdrawal syndrome the moment we parted ways. definitely cannot wait for the day where i get to travel around the world with him. soon, please!