Friday, April 22, 2016

The Proposal

i am not sure about other ladies out there but i have definitely fantasize about my idea of a perfect wedding proposal. y'knw.. boy gets down on his knees, swoon the love of his life away with his speech and maybe insert a few mins of video montage, she tears and says "i do", they embrace into each other's arms and wrapped the whole deal with a kiss. i know it is a pretty cliché story plot but i don't do fancy. the whole idea of flash-mobs, putting the ring in a cake is a definite no-no.

/reality hits and my proposal was better than how i fantasize it to be/

and here is the story..

at the changi airport while waiting for boarding time, i met-up with nabilah who was working. we had a short catching up sesh and i showed her hfz's fam from a far and girl jokingly told me she wanted to go up to hfz's dad and asked him when his son be proposing to me! told hfz all about it and he kind of shrugged it off. he must be thinking "fool doesn't know what's coming!!!"

hfz proposes on our third day in korea, the day we went nami island. the night before i heard him squabbling with his sister while we were in the supermarket where she accidentally blurted (translated) "i spill your secret ok? i don't want to help you tomorrow." it did cross my mind once that he was going to propose but i figured that it would be impossible and that she was just referring to helping him capture #yoloswag photos. 3rd day arrives and the morning went normal. headed to nami island and we had lunch at the restaurant. after lunch, we had to rush back to the entrance of the island to take the ferry to our next location. pretty bumped we could not explore the other part of the island. everyone was behaving weirdly, giving us extra attention. ie: we had audience when we were taking photos it was embarrassing. i kept asking hfz why everyone was looking at us and he kindly ignored me. that was when i knew something was up his sleeve.

"OMG is he going to propose now now? in korea?!"

yup, basically what was running through my mind.

we reached the entrance of the island and this was it. tried to compose myself and took couple photos while everyone was staring at us. hfz told me to remove my gloves, he claimed it will look nicer. yeah sure will do boy! this further confirms that he was about to propose! after few rounds of walking back and forth trying to take the perfect "walking poses" pic, (fyi my head wasn't in the posing game! i was wondering when he was going to kneel haha) he finally reached his pocket and took the box out and kneel. was taken aback (literally! i was moving away from him haha) even though i knew this was coming. hfz opened that box and the next thing i knew i found myself asking hfz why the box was UPSIDE DOWN?!!!!!!!! everyone laughed and we did too.

"you have been wanting a new ring. so here's one. will you marry me?"

i've always fantasize myself saying "i do" quite immediately but dang it happens quite the opposite. i was still sobbing, still laughing inside and i could barely utter a word. i must have taken quite a while to response since hfz had to ask "yes or no?!" i.. nodded and said yes ;)

hfz's proposal has made korea, nami island one of the most memorable place in the world. truth be told, never would i have thought that he would propose in a foreign place and in front of crowds because each time we had a conversation about marriage proposal, hfz always says that he would propose to me privately with no audience. it would be a simple affair, just us two. i was really down for that. but on one conditions though; the whole proposal has to be video/photo captured. and even if he did it alone, he still has to hide the camera somewhere (haha).

this man deliver them proposal good, albeit the hiccup. but even so, the supposed-to-be romantic proposal turns out funny was so... us. because no matter how hard we always tried to have serious conversation about adult stuffs, we would always end up cracking lame funny jokes and laughing about it (but of course we try to be serious after). plus, hfz always make me laugh so of course he has to make me laugh for our proposal too!

how was it like being proposed you ask? well, i'm not quite sure how to explain the feeling exactly but let's just say that it felt surreal, i couldn't decide if it was reality or i was actually dreaming, i was paralysed with surprise, my heart was beating at its loudest, my mind was in a state of delirium and my tears wouldn't stop flowing.

and there you have it... #mayafiz proposal story <3

hfz's fam told me he got the whole family down to purchase the engagement ring. /bawls/ i felt so loved and i think i already love my future family