Sunday, September 25, 2016

special date

yesterday's date was pretty special, considering the fact that it was just a normal day, no special occasion.

started the date by having sephora's beauty advisor dolling up my face. i wish i have someone doing my makeup every time i need it. the lady who did my face was pretty good and professional. albeit the smokey eyeshadow she did on me (i hated it), i like my overall look. hfz don't usually fancy makeup on me but he was all about praising his future wife (heh) yesterday. 

after i'm done, i caught hfz waiting for me behind the mall's pillar and when i approached him, he presented me with flowers. totally caught me of guard.and man looked very dapper too <3

m: omg! why the flower? are you going to propose to me?!

for a minute there, i forgot that i have been proposed to. hfz drove that day which we haven't travel by car for so long ever since he has fezzah (the bike). so got to sneak in some... CAR SELFIES

we caught blair witch and it was 3.5/5 scary. i'm okay with ghost films but not a fan of it. i would appreciate thriller films better. speaking of thriller, i have been obsessed with stranger things lately i finished watching it in two sittings. can't wait for season 2.

we were craving lobster and decided to try cajun on wheels @ pasarbella for dinner. boy boy were we glad to have made the trip there because them cajun cheese sauce and lobsters were bomb diggity. how do you know your man is a keeper? when he cracks the hard ass lobster shells for you with his bare hands.

thank you for the special date, mr fiancé. i hope our future daughter will be lucky enough to have found someone like you as her other half.