Tuesday, May 23, 2017

wedding dresses

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing went for my first bridal fitting and outfit selection yesterday. it really hit me that i was getting married when i saw reflection of myself in a wedding gown. hits me even more when i see hfz donned a white baju kurung. whispered to myself "omg is that my future husband?" when he walked out of the fitting room. it was heart warming when i saw hfz's reaction the moment i came out of the fitting room too. part of selecting my outfit has got to do with hfz's reaction. knew i have to select the dress when i heard him mouthed "wow". the typical groom-eyes-lit-up-the-moment-bride-appears-with-gown scene where you see on the telly does exist guys! except, we are missing some background music and slow-mo dramatic effect.

pretty pleased with my selection but deep inside i wished they have more choices for me to choose from. but let's not ponder about that. 

for now, i need to stick to my at-least-jog-once-a-week-routine and cut down on snack and tea breaks till the wedding. i have been pretty constant on my jogging routine (if i say so myself) but would need to work a lil on the snacking bit. it's hard when you constantly have colleagues who love feeding you. or when snacking is your hobby :/

wish me all the luck in the world i do not put on weight comes september! #timetoeatsalad

Sunday, May 21, 2017

let's adult!

geez. almost forgot the existence of this page but no, i am not ready to let this page go. well, not yet.

life updates:-
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we applied for a bto/sobf for about 4 times but all our queue no(s) were pretty meh. was ready to draft an mp letter before our next application when hdb texted us on 20 april to come down for an appointment to select a unit a week later. we were given few units to choose from and went on a recce. we were pretty pleased with one of the units and could totally picture us staying there. but bummer, you don't get whatever you want in life. some couple already booked the unit few days before our appointment. we had to settle for our second choice. 

we (mainly me) were pretty nervous on the day of the unit selection. was afraid our second choice would be gone too so i had to do what i had to do: bace all the doa(s) repeatedly. and alhamdulillah we got the unit we wanted :) was all smiles (deep inside + screaming "YAAAAS") when signing the forms. well i had to control myself since hfz was cool as a cucumber. #ineedtobecooltoo 

after doing the necessaries;-
hfz: do you want to watch movie first or see our future home?
me: home first (duh!)

hdb lady told us we could collect our keys as early as in june. i told hfz this was all i dream of. to get married and move in immediately into my own home. thank you Allah for hearing my prayers. i have been busy on pinterest lately, searching for home designs, deco (ugh so adult-y) and still trying to convince hfz on a walk-in-wardrobe. dear hdb, giddyup and give us our keys already!

myself and hfz attended a one day marriage course which was pretty enriching. the trainee was hilarious. we did the five love languages questionnaires again and we got the same results we did back in 2013. apart from that,  there were many takeaway pointers. 10/10 would recommend art of marriage. 

god, i am such an adult already it scares sometimes.