Tuesday, May 23, 2017

wedding dresses

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing went for my first bridal fitting and outfit selection yesterday. it really hit me that i was getting married when i saw reflection of myself in a wedding gown. hits me even more when i see hfz donned a white baju kurung. whispered to myself "omg is that my future husband?" when he walked out of the fitting room. it was heart warming when i saw hfz's reaction the moment i came out of the fitting room too. part of selecting my outfit has got to do with hfz's reaction. knew i have to select the dress when i heard him mouthed "wow". the typical groom-eyes-lit-up-the-moment-bride-appears-with-gown scene where you see on the telly does exist guys! except, we are missing some background music and slow-mo dramatic effect.

pretty pleased with my selection but deep inside i wished they have more choices for me to choose from. but let's not ponder about that. 

for now, i need to stick to my at-least-jog-once-a-week-routine and cut down on snack and tea breaks till the wedding. i have been pretty constant on my jogging routine (if i say so myself) but would need to work a lil on the snacking bit. it's hard when you constantly have colleagues who love feeding you. or when snacking is your hobby :/

wish me all the luck in the world i do not put on weight comes september! #timetoeatsalad