Friday, September 1, 2017

wedding hashtags, speeches & dramatic dreams

in about two weeks time, i will be a married woman. starting to feel the excitement and nervousness all at once as i slowly update my checklist. quite excited to watch the months of planning come to live. i sure learnt a thing or two about planning a wedding, about myself and about hfz throughout the process!

i am 101% sure now that i am an ocd freak! i get worried about littlest thing like how the wedding envelope is a lil tad too big for the card. don't get me started on the design of the card. one time, i literally had to switch on my laptop because i spotted a "spacing error" on the card from my phone. crazy much?

we encountered many setbacks for the invitation cards like how i searched high and low for an envelope that fits perfectly, how we quarreled with printing uncle because of resolution problem and had to re-design hfz's card, but that sense of satisfaction the moment i received them cards were indescribable. if i ever get sick and tired of doing human resource-y stuff, i know what i can turn in future :)

wedding hastags.... i finally decided on one! after coming up with a few:-

♡ #mayacaughtafiz
♡ #fizmarrymaya 
♡ #mayatillinfiznity
♡ #mayafizbewithyou
♡ #fizbewithmaya

i wanted something punny so i thought #mayacaughtafiz (as in a fish) was perfect which hfz agrees as well. thank god for hfz, always helping me making decisions my fickle-minded ass couldn't!

thus far, i've encountered three (bad) dreams about my wedding reception. the first dream was that my videographer went missing and did not turn up during my wedding day. my second dream was very dramatic. my mua went overseas days before my wedding and she informed my mom. but, my mom only informed me on the day of the wedding when we were all waiting for the mua to arrive. my mom said she forgot to convey the message to me. how convenient! guess what i did to my mom? i b-o-x-e-d her.. her face and stomach! the third dream; i had it yesterday. the whole itinerary got delayed, everything wasn't going as planned and i remembered being SO annoyed with my bridesmaids. super dramaaaaatic, pls!

let me assure you that the drama doesn't stop there! so i've been drafting my wedding speeches in my head but every time i do that, i ended up tearing. ha ha ha so basically it is impossible to complete my speech and i am actually SO nervous about it because me and public speaking is a NO-NO!  i've been trying to delay the actual drafting till... the night before the wedding, maybe? :/ my colleague already suspected what is going to happen during the speech:- 

"i, maya, *tear*, *sniff sniff*, *tear* *sniff sniff*..."

SPOT ON! )': maybe i should just leave it to hfz to do the speech haha. 

i've been trying to document every little thing/occasion about the wedding on a twitter thread: here because it is just too troublesome to blog every little details out. hope twitter never shuts down!

till the wedding, please pray everything goes smoothly for me, amin!