Tuesday, November 14, 2017

honeymoon in NZ

it has been a month since we went for our honeymoon and i am procrastinating everyday to pen our adventure here ever since we came back. NZ has been nothing but amazing. it was our first road trip together and i am proud to say that we survived! w/o wanting to kill each other. i am missing NZ terribly and i feel like crying each time i viewed back the photos and videos we took.


we reached christchurch airport in the afternoon and was greeted with super shiok air con weather. i love how NZ weather can get super sunny yet cold. yay to sweat-free days. and i can also get away w/o washing my hair for 3 days (haha i know gross!) and not look greasy. we took a cab to our apartment which costed about SGD50 for a 15-min ride. ugh damn expensive! had no choice as we couldn't grab an uber as there were some rule about uber drivers not able to pick up passengers at the airport. or something like that. 

we stayed at southwark apartment in christchurch and i have no complains. oh right, except that the toilet doesn't have a bidet spray. couldn't minus points because of this because the kiwis don't cebok like us malays do right? apart from that, everything was perfect. the room was simple and nice and they have everything we wanted. their customer service was on point as well. 


our sunday morning started out pretty early. we had a ballooning appointment scheduled at 5.15am. but since it was raining the whole morning, the appointment got pushed back. our hot air balloon took off only at about 8.00am. kinda bummed because we missed the sunrise ): but it was a good experience though and hfz got to fill the hot air balloon up. oh yes, my boots gave way right after we landed. so i was stuck with my nike sports shoe throughout the entire trip. ugh. after ballooning, we went back to our apartment to catch up on our sleep. one thing i love about this trip was that we slept and napped. A LOT! 

we had our first punting experience and it was great. i could literally fall asleep in hfz's arms. also, we saw loads of cute ass duckies. ahhh, would love to bring one baby ducky home. after punting, we walked around the botanical garden nearby before going to the supermarket to stock up on our groceries. 

i love how christchurch has so many cherry blossom trees. 

we collected our home for the next couple of days in the morning! so glad we decided to rant a camper-van instead of a car. definitely looking forward to more camper-van adventures with hfz. 

ahhhh! i can finally tick "meet and feed the alpacas" off my bucket list. they were so freaking cute i wanted to lug all of them home with me. we got to feed the sheep as well and figured they are a sloppy eater as compared to the alpacas and llamas. my palm was filled with mushy and sticky saliva after feeding the sheep. highlight of the feeding sesh would probably be hfz getting kicked at by a sheep (hahahahhaha) fool was chasing hfz everywhere because he though hfz had food in his hand. it was hilarious! we made our way to lake tekapo after and checked ourselves into the most gorgeous resort i have ever stayed in; peppers bluewater resort. the night, we went to church of good shepherd to stargaze and the stars were beyond beautiful (':


pretty laid back day as we made our way to mount cook. mount cook was a stunner. safe to say it is my favorite place in NZ. sadly, we stayed there for a night. wished we could stay for two though. when we reached, we took a quick nap (haha i told you we napped a lot) before going for a short hike. was confident we could hiked till the long trail track but it was already dark and i am glad i did not listen to hfz to continue tracking and made a u-turn. it took 1.5 hour to get to the long trail. 


woke up pretty early to resume our hike from yesterday. proud of ourselves for hiking close to 3 hours! like hfz says: anything for the instagram likes (hahah kidding!) 

who can say they eat maggie curry with an amazing? i'd pick this over high end restaurant anytime man! travelled to queenstown after filling up our tummy. had dinner at a mexican restaurant and their food was pretty bomb! ended our day going on a stargazing tour at queenstown. i wasn't really interested about the talks on the stars though /yawns/, but hfz was.


knew i had to book an appointment with onsen hot pool when i chanced upon their website while researching the activities to do at queenstown. an hour in the tub was definitely not enough for me. our bodies felt heavy after the experience and we knew right away we needed our naps. we spent the rest of our time at queenstown shopping. and eating. AH YES! we tried patagonia ice-cream and the highly raved fergburger and i can understand why people raved it so much. it tastes sooooooo goood and for someone who don't usually finish up my food, i finished up the big ass burger in one sitting. we got the same thing again the next morning for breakfast hehe.


we spent most of our time on the road as we headed to milford sound. a total of 4 hour journey. highlight of the milford sound was probably witnessing a rainbow close up. sigh, too beautiful guys. we spent the night at a cosy holiday inn at te anau. that town was another beautiful place, another on my fave list.  

21.10 - 23.10

we started our scenic route from te anau. we spent the 3 days mainly on the roads, not much activity. stopped over at mccraken's rest, stirling point and florence hill lookout beach for a quick photo. one story worth sharing would prolly be when we were at owaka. it was a dead town until we reached a motor lodge brought by two locals. we felt weird vibes when we reached the motor lodge. told hfz maybe they were all in cahoots to sell our organs. because near the lodge was a cannibal hill! :O we drove further down to the next town at hillview campsite where we were sleeping near the cows and sheep. the night was super windy and it was raining. did not have a good sleep actually. but i’d choose this over waking up to know that my kidneys are gone. we reached christchurch in the afternoon on 23rd oct and returned our camper-van. felt so sad having to return it and i miss our living in a camper-van so much now we are back. we rented a car afterwards for our day stay at christchurch. we did our last minute shopping at christchurch and went back to southwark apartments (since they had promotion so we quickly booked them for a night). places you need to shop while at christchurch as got to be: warehouse, k-mart and countdown supermarket!


bid NZ goodbye and reached singapore in late afternoon. it was the suckiest feeling ever.